You have a $100 Amazon gift card; if you wanted to buy that particular gift card in America, you would need N50000. However, you want to sell it in Nigeria, and the offer price is between N25000 and N28000. That takes almost 50% off the original price, it can be so frustrating. Do you know there is a new buyer in town that can offer the best gift card rates ever seen in Nigeria? If you think this is a yeah-yeah statement, check out CardVest.

Introducing the Best App to Sell Gift Card in Nigeria

CardVest is a gift card trading platform that has been in existence since 2016 and has been putting smile on its customer’s faces by offering mouth-watering rates. To make trading further convenient, Cardvest app is available on google play store.

Why CardVest is the Best App to Sell Gift Card

  1. Timely Response: Nobody likes to make a transaction and be left hanging. If you pay for a product or service, it is not fresh for the vendor to keep you hanging after receiving payment. Similarly, if you offer a product or service and your customer defers your payment, you do not need me to describe the feeling. CardVest does not leave you hanging; our platform is integrated with some of the best web infrastructures that allow us to respond in optimal time. We are timely in our response because we want our customers to have the best experience whenever they transact with us. Whenever you sell your gift card to us, trust us for a timely response.
  2. Best Rates: There is no better rate than what is offered on Astro Africa. Some platforms offer ridiculous rates that see you gain less than 40% of the original worth of the gift card. CardVest is in the business to help our customers make profit by trading their gift cards. Irrespective of the fact that gift cards differ in worth, we ensure that sellers receive at least 50% of the worth of their cards.
  3. Secure and Trustworthy Platform: Try to imagine these scenarios. First, you upload the code on your gift card on this website. On the page where you upload your account details for payment, the web page starts showing “404 Error”. You contact the customer care details put on the website to no avail, or they tell you there is no record of the transaction. These kinds of websites abound in Nigeria. To avoid these kinds of situations, sell your gift cards on platforms with a track record of trustworthiness, one of which is CardVest. In the second scenario, you upload your private account information on the gift card website to process payment. Instead of receiving credit alerts, you start receiving debit alerts. If you have been a victim of this before, you know how heartbreaking it was. Your account information on an insecure platform made you susceptible to online thieves. CardVest is one of the most secure gift card trading platforms; you can input sensitive details and not be afraid.
  4. Cross-Platform Availability: People want to sell their gift cards on platforms that can work on all kinds of devices. Some trading platforms work on Android devices but cannot work on macOS devices. CardVest has a responsive interface that works well on the web and Android devices.

One of the main reasons why you should use Astro Africa is the ease of use. Selling your gift card on Astro Africa requires no complex process and is as simple as 1-2-3.

Easy steps to sell gift cards on CardVest App

Step 1) Sign up if you are a new user ( requires just your username, email, phone number, and password) or log in if you are an existing user.

Step 2) On the taskbar, select Wallet to add your bank account (you can add more than one account).

Step 3) On the taskbar, select Trade to sell your gift card (Input the necessary details and click place order). Your wallet balance will reflect your fund between 3-5minutes once your trade is confirmed.

Step 4) On the taskbar, select wallet and click withdraw. Select the account you want your funds sent to ( in case you added more than one bank account). Your withdrawal will be processed immediately.

For any assistance, you can contact CardVest via the live chat ( On the taskbar bar, click on profile then select live chat support).

To sell your gift cards for instant cash, visit CardVest at or download CardVest mobile app on Google play store.

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