Cryptocurrency is virtual or digital money that takes the system of coins and tokens. It allows the creation and process of digital currencies and their transactions through decentralized systems. The “crypto” feature in cryptocurrency is a common commitment to decentralized systems. Cryptocurrencies are developed as a code by teams who form mechanisms for issues and other controls. They are designed to be free from government manipulation and control and are a great approach for successful trading and investing with crypto coins.


As a beginner, you must learn the ways to enter a crypto coin train, but for that, you must ask yourself ‘why?’. You must know the difference between multiple coins and the best one to become a successful trader. Here we will examine some of the most crucial digital currencies including bitcoin and will tell u how you can keep them secured.

Types of crypto coins

Here are some important and top crypto coins and their value in the digital market. If you choose one of the coins wisely and invest them with certain knowledge, you will be able to know a better way to trade with them.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin (BTC), also known as digital money, is the first-ever cryptocurrency that is common to adopt many approaches for evaluating tokens. It is also known as a ‘digital gold’ as it is a great way to invest and trade. But here is a thing, it is also a volatile coin as its value varies and can instantly provide immense loss to the investor.

Ethereum: It is the first alternative to bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized software platform that permits decentralized applications and smart contacts. It prevents any fraud, control, or interference from a third party. It is the best for anyone getting free access to financial products. Beginners who use Ethereum will know how is it helpful to secure your money and how it helps more in trading.

Litecoin: It is one of the alternates of bitcoin. Litercoin (LTC) is an open-source global payment network that is not measured by any central authority. It has the fastest block generation rate and offers a fast transaction confirmation time. Many developers prefer using Litecoin for its low volatility. It has a large market capitalization and is the largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Select a storage method for crypto coins

Being an investor and trader in cryptocurrency, you need to keep your crypto coin stored in a secured place. There are now many mobile apps as wallets for cryptocurrencies to keep them secured. You can select a suitable wallet for your coin and keep it safe there. You can also transfer your crypto coin if you don’t find your current wallet safe. Now, several wallets are available according to the coin.

For instance, save your Tether (USDT) coin in a USDT mobile wallet which will keep your money safe and will help you give ideas for trading and investing. Moreover, another mobile application is the Tezos app which is suitable for the storage of tezos and keeping it secured. So choose your crypto wallet wisely and become a professional investor and trader with cryptocurrency.