Tech giant, Apple has confirmed another dealer, Accenture, to help its iPad model to the enterprise push.

Apple, and the IT consulting and outsourcing expert Accenture, have completed an agreement, which will see employees from Apple cohabit in Accenture workplaces around the globe. The staff from Apple will collaborate with the consultancy firm to create new iOS versions of Accenture’s own conventional apps and systems for their customers, while also working on migration services to enable older code running on iPad and iPhone devices.

Accenture further reveals that it will use the Apple’s iOS program to gain control over the templates of internet-of-things and the code it offers to its customers. It also includes the capability of controlling some of Accenture’s IoT with existing or new iOS applications.

As a result, the two companies hope that they will set a new pile of custom applications from Accenture, that can be sold to clients as it is built from the same ground up to work efficiently with their iOS iPads and iPhones. At the same time, this also enables Apple to sell more and more iOS devices, in bulk, to corporate customers.

Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme revealed his happiness in partnering with Apple, as he claimed that the iOS is the most superior mobile platform for businesses. He further added that his opinion of iOS was based on Accenture’s experience in developing mobile applications.


Apple is looking to break into the business sector

Nanterme continued that Accenture’s large digital capabilities and industry familiarity will gel in well with Apple’s market leadership, in making products that will delight customers, and also help them carry out their business activities efficiently.

The deal with Accenture then puts another IT heavyweight into Apple’s ally, as the California-based firm continues to work on the sales of its iPads and iPhones in the business market. Historically, the leader of the consumer market has found it difficult to break into the business market, and CEO Tim Cook is making efforts towards this.

In 2015, Apple partnered with giant, IBM and then later signed deals with Cisco and Deloitte to firmly announce that they are making all the efforts to break into the business market.

As a result, these measures have helped Apple to boost their bottom line, specifically for various products like the iPad Pro, which bring higher sale revenues to them than the other cheaper devices.

The venture of experimenting into the business market was not the original idea of Steve Jobs, who was not very keen on expanding the company’s line in the business sector. However, CEO Tim Cook wanted to expand the business’ range, and has thus signed this lucrative deal with one of the biggest IT consulting firms.

Moreover, the deal of Apple with Accenture will be their biggest deal since the 2015 IBM deal. Apple partnered with a firm that has more than 9,000 technology consultants that operate in more than 40 different industries. Moreover, Accenture’s revenue of consulting is expected to be $18.7 billion until the end of this fiscal year. As a result, Apple might hugely benefit from this deal to increase the sales of its iOS devices in the business market.