The SEO reports should serve to show results, effort employed and bring the client closer to the project, highlighting the tasks that are pending on the client side and show, in a concrete way, what it should prioritize and what results are expected with such actions.

Therefore, we must consider the different customer profiles and understand that the SEO reporting will be an important point of contact with the customer. I suggest that the main points below be considered when submitting a report. You can choose them according to your reality, customer profile. etc. See Also: B2B SEO Agency

SEO Reports

  1. Schedule of activities

In a report, the activity schedule must be in calendar format, which can be imported into Google Calendar or Outlook. This keeps the customer tracking activities. Be careful to be very realistic and always promise what can be delivered. In SEO, there are a lot of activities related to the analysis of information and intelligence, which are somehow intangible things. So, just put internal analysis points and focus on deliverables.

  1. Visibility and keywords report

We know that SEO is not just about keywords, but I still feel that word position is still an important KPI, though not the most important one. This report is the simplest and fastest to understand, so I suggest that it has enough frequency for the customer to participate, but that it also doesn’t happen every day, so as not to make this report boring.

  1. Results report

The presentation of results may depend on the dynamics of the site. It is recommended that a general summary of a specific period, including activities, KPIs, progress, results, pending issues, problems, etc., be regularly submitted in presentation form. It’s important to be transparent with the client and convey a realistic picture of what’s going on, as well as providing insight into where the SEO work is going.