In today’s interconnected and highly challenging world, reducing costs has become the watchword, and reducing costs is about investing your capital better. As a rule, cheap products in the very short term involve some gain, in the long term their costs go to the stratosphere.


Why stainless steel and not carbon?

In second world countries, in general, has a tendency towards short-term thinking and advantages. This week, talking to a customer responsible for the maintenance sector of a large company, we mentioned a project of gutters that he would be replacing and he informed that he had already installed the gutters in galvanized sheet. When asked that the gutters would last a maximum of three years due to the location being strategic for the company and being an area of ​​daily traffic for heavy trucks, the answer was: “In three years I don’t even know if I’ll be here.”

This is the thinking that permeates our culture in all strata of society, while in first world countries long-term investments, such as infrastructure and education, receive high priority. The issue with this thinking is that the long term always arrives, and with it the account of lack of investment. The answer to that is a little more forward thinking.

In this sense, one can talk about stainless steel fully welded panels to carbon steel panels, which is a larger initial investment, but with an absolutely superior return in the long run. Among the main benefits of the stainless steel case, we can mention:

  • Durability: This really is the maximum benefit, especially on equipment that is exposed to the weather. In this sector, stainless steel is unbeatable, as it has a useful life of at least 50 years.
  • Cleaning: Stainless steel cleaning is perfect, being the only product accepted in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc. industries.
  • Presentation: Stainless steel material shows professionalism and commitment to quality.