Saeid Jamali is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who thinks the future will be driven by Al and Big Data. His company intellithing is working on an innovative technology that will change the way we think about healthcare and medical emergencies. The system is the combination of two projects that he started during his time at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). It would be an innovative breakthrough for saving lives of vulnerable patients with heart attacks or stroke by providing them immediate access to expert advice in real-time through their mobile devices before it is too late. 

Saeid Jamali

Saeid is widely known for his Al-powered  smartwatch fitness app and a book that he wrote on Big Data. The book offers a deep insight into big data and how it can be used in everyday life. Understanding the advantages, disadvantages, and real-life examples for each case offered by the author will surely help clear away any doubts you may have about big data.

Health care industry professionals are praising and hailing his Al-powered fitness smartwatch app as a breakthrough. With intellithing fitness app, users can keep tabs on their workouts, diet, sleeping patterns, and different stages their body goes through with optimum accuracy. It’s an ideal choice for those struggling to stick to their workout or diet plan. The intellithing app is the next generation in fitness tracking technology. It uses AI to analyze how your body performs during workouts, and can even provide personalized training advice for specific areas that need improvement.

One of the skills that Saeid Jamali gained during his time at Manchester Metropolitan University is his ability to see things differently and be confident enough in himself. He has an undying dedication for being a serial entrepreneur, inventing new technologies with dreams sounding like they’re coming out of every corner.