With over 10 million active users, Wave Live Wallpapers is a free popular smartphone app available for both iOS and Android users. In this piece, we will talk about the Android version and how it helps users to access more of the customizing features available on their devices. The cool backgrounds app provides you with a massive collection of 3D live wallpapers and animated wallpapers. Users can also create & customize their own 3D wallpapers using the app’s Live Wallpaper Maker. Since it’s available free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it won’t cost you anything to give it a shot.

Wave Live Wallpapers 4K like

Depending on your taste for visual fun content, you can browse through a wide range of 3D live wallpapers based on different themes such as Fantasy, Romance, Sports, Art, Animation, Nature, Technology, Animals, and more. The app comprises a free library where users can download any wallpaper without spending anything. Or you can create your designs with the in-app wallpaper maker, using your own photos or from their free library.

Wave Live Wallpapers provides you with different aesthetic live wallpapers: Parallax 2D, Parallax 3D, Live 3D interactive, and video wallpapers. All free wallpapers can be used by anyone and meet all high-definition and high-quality demands. Every wallpaper will suit and fit the screen resolution of the phone. 

Wonder what types of live wallpapers are available? Parallax 2D produces animated backgrounds using 2 layer depth technology. Parallax 3D utilizes up to four graphic layers for a background to form a 3D wallpaper when moving your phone. Live 3D interactive wallpapers are touch-sensitive animated wallpapers that react to your fingers. As their name suggests, video wallpapers are based on amazing video footage enhanced with special 3D effects.

Getting started with Wave Live Wallpapers and the Wallpaper Maker is simple and easy. All you need is to download the app and you’re done. The app doesn’t require you to have special skills to design your own 3D wallpapers. Everything is just a single click away, thanks to the app’s intuitive and simple user interface.

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