A gift basket, often known as a fruit basket, is a present that is generally sent to the recipient’s office or home. There are many different types of gift baskets: some contain fruit, whereas others feature dry or canned delicacies like tea, crackers, and jam; alternatively, the basket may also have both fruit and dried goods. Exotic fruit is common in gourmet gift baskets, and so are high-quality cheese, wine, or other non-food items. A courier will occasionally leave fruit baskets with a letter from the sender, which could be a secret admirer, a loved one, or a business colleague.

Fruit Basket

A Brief History of Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets have been given for as long as people have been harvesting or gathering. Baskets were used by early hunter-gatherers to harvest fruits, vegetables, and other foods. People soon recognized they needed a container to transport the fruits, nuts, and grains from the fields to their houses, where they could consume them and share them with family and friends. The original fruit baskets were these baskets loaded with fresh fruits. These baskets were subsequently returned to the family or tribe for everyone to enjoy.

According to the Old Testament, the first renowned basket was used to hide Moses among the rushes. Baskets have been used to hold the most valuable objects for millennia. Wheat, rushes, twigs, and grasses were used to make the first baskets. Plastic, wood, flax, bamboo, wicker, and several other durable materials are now used to make baskets. Fruit baskets are available in a variety of forms and sizes to suit any occasion or various needs.

Baskets also have a lot of significance in many mythologies and stories. Baskets have always been associated with gifts and wealth in mythology. Eostre, for example, was a pagan goddess who was revered in Germanic civilizations and was associated with fertility and life. Some consider her to be an earlier patron of the celebration we now call Easter. Eostre brought a basket of young plants that would be offered as sacrifices on this special celebration. As a result, we often offer gifts like an assortment of fruit baskets when we commemorate the holiday.


Because baskets are prominent in our mythologies, it would only be natural that we associate them with festivals and special events. Gift baskets became increasingly prevalent as customs grew and more people connected with one another.

Gift baskets are frequently delivered for special occasions such as the holidays and as a thank-you or congrats gift. Fruit baskets are also often gifted to a person feeling unwell in the form of get well soon hampers. The following are the five occasions where fruit baskets are often being gifted.

  1. Funerals

Sending a fruit basket as a sympathy gift could be appropriate. Fruit baskets are sometimes offered as a sympathy or condolence gift during funerals. Fruit baskets are also used as decorations in certain Asian nations. They either eat it after the burial service, when the casket is put in the cemetery, or they leave the fruit baskets at the graves of the deceased to allow them to rest in peace. The fruit basket provider may assist a customer in choosing the right present for this circumstance, as well as include a message of condolence. Sending such a gift can show the receiver that someone cares about them during his difficult moment.

Gift Fruit Basket

  1. Housewarming

Housewarming presents are usually unique and practical. While giving tableware as a housewarming gift is common, fruit baskets are also a good choice if the recipients enjoy them. Other than that, you may also provide wine as a present during a friend’s housewarming celebration.

  1. Business Events

Often conveying a message of gratitude or congratulations, fruit baskets are also often given among business partners in various business contexts. For many years, fruit baskets have been a mark of goodwill amongst business colleagues. Sending beautiful fruit baskets is also a smart marketing strategy. When people get thoughtful fruit bouquets, it reminds them of their professional connection with you. Fruit is a non-controversial present that people of all ages and walks of life value. Because the entire team is rewarded with a small pleasure throughout a hard day, large fruit baskets help employees remember your company better.

  1. Wishing Someone to Get Well Soon

When someone we know fall sick, we often come to visit them and bring gifts for them. Flowers, such as Gerbera, and get-well-soon presents are the two important items we commonly bring with us when we visit them. Fruit is the greatest option for get-well-soon presents, you can even personalize your get well basket according to the season. This present can be a word of encouragement for that person, as well as a wish for a fast recovery.


  1. Holiday Seasons

Aside from the fundamentals of arranging fruit in a basket, adding decorations elevates the gift to a new level. Each holiday has its own set of symbols, so fruit baskets that have been fully decorated are frequently used as holiday centrepieces and decorations in businesses and residences. Beautiful fruit baskets are frequently displayed to commemorate the event. Then on an actual day, everyone looks forward to opening the holiday fruit baskets and tasting all of the delicious delicacies it contains.