A digital presence is essential when you are living in the digital era. Today, more than 82% of shoppers rely on the digital tracks of a business. Therefore, they research and look for a business website for authentication and quality check before purchasing. Moreover, many companies fail because they are not competitive enough in this tech-enabled world. This ultimately makes them unworthy in the eyes of tech-savvy customers. Therefore, not having a good website is another reason many businesses fail to thrive on the web. 

All of this is likely to happen due to several reasons. But, one of the most common reasons is that people don’t know the importance of websites and how to make their websites responsive and helpful for their audience. In addition, as more tech-enabled devices enter the market, people are becoming more tech-savvy. Thus, having a well-designed and well-built web space is necessary for any business looking forward to 2021 or the future. 

Therefore, we have brought together this guide to help all small business set up their websites and see exceptional results in no time. Moreover, if you are a professional web designer this guide will allow you to offer the most affordable web design services to your customers. Here are five different technologies that will make your website responsive for ultimate performance. 

Top 5 Technologies For A Responsive Website For Small Businesses

Technologies That Make Websites Responsive For Small Businesses

There are a host of new hurdles that you might face during the web development lifecycle. But, technology and tools will only make it simpler. We live in 2021; now, we have more resources to simplify the web development process than ever. However, many people are still unfamiliar with these things. So, let’s discover some great new technologies:

Take Care Of All Building Blocks Of A Website

The building blocks of the website, coding language. You need to use HTML5, CSS, and Javascript for your website. Even if you are using a CMS, these coding languages are a great way to enhance your website’s user experience and responsiveness. 

Also, adhering to the progressive enhancement guidelines will offer users a more usable experience. Apart from the guidelines, you can adhere to a mobile-first approach to ensure that your website performs well on all devices alike. From content to website structure, you need things that act and work well on all devices. 

You can use CSS preprocessor, the Compass framework, or SASS for organizing stylesheets. They may look like parts of websites, but they are technological tools that make your website valuable and responsive for the users. Therefore, all of these small elements need special consideration throughout the process and even for maintenance. 

A Web Hosting 

If you have your website or run one, you may already know about web hosting or hosting providers. It is a hosting company for buying technology and services that every website needs. All web developers go through several hostings to find the right one for them. The choice is challenging as there are quite a few options, but almost all are popular. The best part is that most people often prefer the popular ones to get the best services to run their websites smoothly. 

Moreover, many people who own several different websites often own a server to keep all their websites connected to one server with a secure and personalized connection. 

If you are wondering why is it necessary for a website? Well, web hosting is the reason you can be seen on the web. If you don’t have web hosting, your website will never be live on the web, and people will never be able to find you. So, if you want your customers to see you, you need to link your URL to your hosting. So that when users type in your website URL, they are directed to the website you have stored on your hosting account.

Hosting services are not free, and you need to pay a fixed amount that can be anywhere between 2 to 100+ dollars per month. The cost depends entirely on the technology and services you choose for your website. You can choose from various tech services, but you should only opt for the necessary ones when you want to start small. Web developers also get good discounts when they choose a yearly program. However, shorter ones cost more. Some of the most popular web hostings include GoDaddy, Bluehost, and DreamHost. 

A Personal/Dedicated Server

Although a shared web hosting server is inexpensive, it has a lot of drawbacks. This means you share your services and resources just like you share your Wi-Fi with anyone who has access. Security reasons are one thing, but it disrupts the benefits you receive is one thing you need to prioritize. Well, just like a WI-FI server slows down when more people are connected or the usage increases, a web server also slows down as more websites use the connection simultaneously. So if you want to offer real-time and optimal website performance, a dedicated server is your way to go! 

ChatBots For 24/7 Support

Chatbots are a great invention! No matter where you reside or what region you serve, being an online business means you have to be available for your audience at all times. In addition, people are on the lookout for the best services around the globe, and thus they reach out to businesses anytime they like. Companies that respond quickly and receive adequate data are the ones becoming more successful every day. However, you ignore a query; you lose a potential customer. 

Today, people are always eager to find their answers; this is why more than 74% of people prefer chatbots to get instant solutions or answers. In addition, more than 64% of people prefer chatbots over humans to get quick responses. They feel better when they don’t have to hold on to the CSRs. Adding to the growing use of chatbots, people are willing to communicate after their first experience as all their queries are answered promptly, and the bots are pretty helpful. 

A Content Management System

A CMS (Content Management System) allows you to create, publish, and manage your digital content through a single platform. You may be familiar with the names of several CMS. However, an ideal CMS allows you to manage all your text, images, videos, or any other form of content you need on your website. 

The best part about a CMS is that it is designed to offer simplicity to less experienced website owners and marketers. So if you are a business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur looking forward to building your website, a CMS is the most appropriate solution. This is because you don’t need to learn development or coding for running a website through a CMS. 

The software will offer you a plethora of different themes, layouts, fonts, and design options. You can set your website’s theme, structure, layout, and everything from scratch; without having to code. The CMS also enables you to upgrade and enhance the website’s user experience using CSS or HTML codes. 

Some of the most popular CMS include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Squarespace. Each CMs is different but offers superior web development services and websites that have optimal performance. As you discover each CMS, you will come across significant differences but the same smooth workflow. 


Creating a small business website is not as simple as it may seem. There are several different elements that you need to add to your website. But above all, you need to add the best tools to your website to make it useful and valuable. Therefore, invest in essential tools as you start your website initially and then upgrade the technology as your business grows. This way, you can keep your budget minimal and results maximum. However, the tools we mentioned in this guest post are essential for all small business websites. Therefore, as you start, ensure you have all these tools for your website.