The United Nations (UN) has alerted the world that the rise of robots could sabotage the world’s progress, before the opening of their new headquarters in Netherlands, in the Hague to track advancements in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has been established to set the target of second-guessing the possible risks, which include a range of threats from mass unemployment to the use of independent robotics by criminal organizations to cause harm to the world.

According to an approximation, 30% jobs from whole of Britain are under threat if advancements are made in artificial intelligence. In some sectors, about half of the jobs will be replaced by robots, as a recently conducted study insisted that robotics could actually force governments in the future to make a law about human employees.

On the other hand, countries that pursue to create independent armed technology, with the ability to autonomously determine their approach without relying on human power, include super giants like US, China, Russia and Israel.

A senior strategic adviser at the United National Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Irakli Beridze revealed that a new group was set up in Holland which would look to bring new ideas about the development of the field to aid UN in achieving its targets.

Beridze spoke to a Dutch outlet, and insisted that societies will have to adapt to the technological advancements quickly, and if they won’t it would cause instability. He further revealed that one of the most important work of his is to establish a group of experts from different sectors including business, knowledge institutes, civil society organisations and governments. He further claimed that the UN did not want to impose a ban or put a hold on technology, but wanted to explore how the tech could help UN gain its sustainable goals. And for this, the organization is looking to start concrete projects, according to Beridze.

Last August, more than 100 robotics and artificial intelligence experts, including the famous head of Tesla, Elon Musk, urged the UN to take concrete actions against the possible danger of the use of artificial intelligence in weaponry, which is sometimes also written as “killer robots”.

The reports claimed that dangerous independent weapons can endanger to become the third revolution in warfare. If developed, the technology will allow the armed forces to fight at a bigger scale than ever before, and at times fast than what humans can understand and react to. These include weapons for terror and those despots and terrorists who use it against innocent people, and weapons also hacked to perform in an unplanned manner.

In 2016, Prof Stephen Hawking also stressed upon the threat that influential artificial intelligence has the possibility to become the best or the worst thing that ever happened to mankind.

The UN signed an agreement with the government in Netherlands earlier in 2017 for their office, which will inhibit a small number of staff in its inaugural stages, and will be based in The Hague.

Beridze revealed that various UN organizations are carrying out tasks on research on robotics and artificial intelligence research, with the expert group on independent military robots being one prime example. He further added that this office in The Hague was the first one based for this specific purpose, and the group will look at both the advantages and disadvantages.