Every business owner has a life-changing experience with their business. For me, it was decided to change my shipping and inventory management model from the old school version to a drop shipping system. Not only did this save me costs in terms of reduced labor, storage spaces and inventory management, it also made my business more efficient. Managing an E-commerce business can be very daunting and overwhelming at the same time. I wanted to reduce this stress and essentially make more profits hence expand my clientele. With this in mind, I decided to attend a training held by one of Singapore’s best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore; Conversion Hub.

About Drop Shipping

Conversion Hub has over the years made a name for itself especially in Singapore. The company takes on different digital marketing concepts and is recognized by a variety of brands within and outside Singapore’s borders. The company also keeps itself updated on various matters and offers skills that are future-oriented and very practical. Its track record is clear and rate of success up to 99 %. With this in mind, it was very easy for me to select their “Drop Shipping Course”. Coming from someone who is very critical of the training I attend, this company is the ultimate definition of impeccable.

A Shipping System that Works

Are you tired of your shipping system failing to meet your business needs? Well, I was and hence decided to invest in Conversion Hub’s Drop shipping course. The beauty about drop shipping stems from the fact that one does not have to manage any form of inventory. This aspect was clearly delved into the training and major benefits well elaborated. You can agree with me that anything that guarantees your business will save a few pennies is worth every coin. In the long run, the benefits are worth the time.

Creative Solutions for Drop Shipping

The course curriculum by Conversion Hub on Drop shipping has a few tricks stored in its bag. For starters, learners get to learn on niche product selection and get access to free software that allows one to ‘spy’ on their competitors. Secondly, there is a whole topic on Essential accounts that one should have while drop shipping. This part of the training introduces one to soft wares that reduce costs while drop shipping, Shopify account ownership, domain names, and business emails. From this part of the training, one learns how to create business solutions that are both creative and professional in the long run.


As I indicated above, Conversion Hub’s drop shipping training Singapore literally changed my life. Not only do I have happy clients, but I also benefit from very happy suppliers. With the most efficient shipping system managing my business, my suppliers receive timely transactions in all the sales that they make to me. Within a short time, I have applied the skills I received from the training, I have benefited greatly from a less stressful business environment. In fact, I can run my little empire from the click of a single button. Drop shipping is definitely a revolutionary concept of business management. Be sure to benefit from this training.