Designed with modern-day business telephony and communication needs in mind, VitalPBX is a unified communications system based on Linux and Asterisk. It has a full range of tools that allow you to communicate from anywhere no matter where you’re located. It is loaded with cutting edge features that are sure to help you keep your business connected and safe from all types of cyber threats in the VoIP world.


VitalPBX uses VitiXi as the WebRTC endpoint client, which offers the deepest integration. Users can run it on their browser, device and operating system with the greatest efficiency. Another thing that sets VitalPBX apart from the rest is that users can expand its capabilities with Sonata Suite. Users will have access to Call center Statistics, Recording Management System, a fully-featured Switchboard, and a Call account system.

VitalPBX is ranked among the most powerful Asterisk based phone systems. It’s a free telephone and communication system for businesses wanting to use a safe and reliable phone system.  It can be installed easily on the business site or used as a hosted application. This is why it’s getting steam among businesses all over the world.

What Makes VitalPBX Stand Out?

Easy to Use – VitalPBX is designed with a special focus on ease of use. It is easy to be used with multiple tooltips across the system and offers a coherent user-interface throughout.

Efficient – Tabs allow easy access. Checking anything while configuring any other thing is super-fast.

Security – A professional telephony system should pay special attention to security and offers great protection against cyber risks in the modern VoIP world. VitalPBX has everything to be considered a robust and safe open source VoIP PBX.

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