Mobile augmented reality is the concept coined by augmented reality, an innovative technique, which can be used to augment real world environment by displaying its imagery using 3D projection mapping system or computer assisted information. So, it basically bridges the gap between real world and virtual world by representing the previous into 3D visual simulated video by computer assisted inputs like sound, audio and other devices.

Mobile Augmented Reality - 3D Visuals in Smartphones

The mobile technology has contributed expressively towards making the life of mankind comfy and convenient. It has not only facilitated the communication, but has also provide mankind connectivity system to worldwide people and to stay tuned to favorite songs and music anywhere. In a nut cell, the mobile is accredited to have brought revolutionary change in the lifestyle of people today.

When the mobile technology stepped its feet in India, it was perhaps unaware of the overwhelming response that it would garner from the consumers. But it happened and now we witness introduction of several set of cellphones everyday by different mobile manufacturing companies or brands, and unsurprisingly, they are making good sale as well. In addition, introduction of augmented reality into mobile has contributed tremendously into sale upsurge because of the fact that it gave people the visuals like never before.

Perhaps, Alive App is the only mobile augmented reality application in India which created such an unprecedented success in the country. It was supposedly not expected even at the time of developing that the application would be viral success overnight. Currently it is used by the Times of India, a leading Indian daily newspaper.

According to the Wikipedia, the application has now suggestive entry Guinness Book of world records followed by its whopping 2 lac downloading and 3 lac augmentation view in a single day of its launch. This is quite an indication of the fact that mobile technology is going to etch blockbuster success in the country and soon the concept of AR will be pervasive considering the emergence of numerous brands having felt their presence in the marketplace.

Mobile augmented reality technology will go far beyond any measure for success. This is because people are using smartphones on a large scale. Development of smartphone apps is on full swing by renowned brands. Considering that AR technology transmutes physical reality into its virtual manifestation, companies maximize this latent potentiality of AR into developing a broad base of mobile phone applications.

It will then create phenomenal success for business world as they would be extend the circle of their business to maximum reach of the customers that use smartphone AR apps.

What kind of benefit does that mobile AR bring forth?

Will it be useful in future?

There are many questions which can be raised in support of the apprehension if the technology is indeed far-reaching as claimed.

Last but not the least, mobile augmented reality that uses 3D visual technique of enhancing sensory perception of an individual will bring forth tremendous success in future and it will be beneficial for both the retailers and the customers.