Like many homeowners, I had been using the same garage door opener for nearly 15 years without ever taking a close look at its inner workings. It did the job, albeit with some creaks and clunks along the way. But after one too many stuck garage doors, I decided it was time to open it up and see what was going on in there.

When I removed the cover, I was surprised by just how dusty, grime-coated, and worn down some of the parts looked. Springs were rusted, gears had lost their teeth, and the electric motor was making some concerning noises. It was obvious this thing had seen better days. No wonder it was having trouble lifting the door smoothly. A good Garage Door Opener Repair in Glen Allen was definitely in order.

A much-needed Tune Up

Rather than scrapping the whole unit, I took it to a local garage door company to see if any of it could be salvaged. They were able to clean, lubricate, and replace the worst of the worn parts, essentially giving the opener a much-needed tune up. Things like new gears, lubricated rails and tracks, and cleaning out 15 years of grime made a huge difference.

They even checked the balance of the door and adjusted the springs. Now the door opens and closes smoothly and quietly without any sticking. What would have been an expensive full replacement was turned into an affordable repair, saving me a bundle.

Lasting for Years to Come

With regular lubrication and maintenance going forward, this tuned-up garage door opener should last me another 5-10 years easily before needing anything more than occasional lubrication. Sometimes simply taking a closer look underneath the surface is all it takes to extend the life of common household equipment. I’m glad I took the time to open it up and see what was really going on in there.