In 2016, Google launched the Pixel, the first-ever smartphone designed and sold by the tech giant. It was also dubbed as the best Android smartphone going around at that time.

A year later, Google is now on the verge of releasing the next generation of its smartphone, the Pixel 2. The trailers of the phone gives the impression that it will solve general problems including software updates, bad photos, battery life, storage and other things.

A series of leaks from different websites claim that Google is all set to make its name in the hardware market, by introducing devices like Google Home, a new high-end Chromebook and the new Daydream VR headsets.

Looking at the prospects in front of us, it seems that this Google event, scheduled for October 4, will see one of the biggest hardware releases by the firm in the past few years. With that, here’s what we actually can expect:

While it looks like Google will launch a few hardware products to enter into the market with a bang, the biggest thing that it most probably will announce at the event is the new Google Pixels smartphones. It is reported that two new phones, the Pixel 2 and a larger Pixel 2 XL will join the existing Google Pixel family.

Out of those two smartphone, the Pixel 2 XL is said to be a major upgrade from last year. The bigger phone is reported to have a new screen design, which will have reduced bezels on both sides of the screen, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. On the other hand, the Pixel 2 is said to have a similar design of the original Pixel phone.


We might also see a mini version of the Google Home named as the Google Home Mini

According to leaks, there is a lot of improvement in the specs of the phone. Both phones are reported to have a new feature of “squeeze” interaction, just like with the HTC U11. There will be optical image stabilization for the cameras, along with IP67 certification for water resistance. This would put them on level terms with this year’s iPhone’s IP67 certification.

A lot of reports also confirm that Google has parted ways with the headphone jack in favour of only using USB-C, along with the potential addition of stereo speakers, but it is still unclear whether any of these reports are actually true.

Amazon recently edited their Echo series to include new variety of form factors, and it looks like Google will do the same by releasing atleast one new Home model at the event. A smaller design of the Google Home, named the Google Home Mini was leaked on few news outlets earlier this month. It is reported to offer the same capabilities as the Google Assistant-powered features of its original version, but it will come at a reduced size and a $50 price, which will make it compete directly with the Amazon Echo Dot.

Few reports also suggest that a larger Google Home “Max” speaker, will also be released, which will have a premium design and stereo sound, but there has not been a lot of talking about that hardware.

The Google Pixelbook, a new high-end Chromebook, is also set to make an appearance at the launch, which will reportedly succeed Google’s original Chromebook Pixel.

The Pixelbook is suggested to start at an ultra-premium end of the Chromebook market, with a price of $1,199, just like the Chromebook Pixel. A separate stylus accessory, a lot similar to the Apple Pencil will also be available for an added $99.

The last leaked product of the event is a new Daydream VR headset, which will come out in three colors – fog, coral and charcoal – with a more expensive price of $99.

Regardless of the eventual fact that these headsets might not exist, there is not a lot of talk about the features of the new headset as compared to current $79 headset.

A lot of leaks about the event have already hit the internet, but there still is room for some surprises, that might not have rolled onto the internet. Moreover, with Google, a software company, we can also expect few new experiments on the software side as well.