Social media giant, Facebook is developing a device which can be used to video chat at home, according to different reports. The mega product by the social media giant is set to be announced as early as next spring, and their device will include a large touchscreen, wide camera, microphones and speakers. With the look of it, the device seems pretty similar to the Echo Show device of Amazon, which was recently released by the firm to start its line-up of home-based hardware.

According to various reports, the Facebook’s video chat device is most likely to have a bigger screen than Amazon’s Echo Show, with few reports claiming that the screen will be between the range of 13 to 15 inches, making it as large as a screen of a normal laptop. Facebook is also thinking of running an android version on that device. Moreover, reports also suggest that the social media giant is expected to use artificial intelligence for its’ advanced camera features, which also includes one that can scan people in its range and hold onto them.

Google Home has gained popularity in home-use hardware

Even though several cameras in the market do offer similar features including the Nest Cam IQ, Facebook is expected to face difficulties in overcoming privacy concerns of its users. The company would face a uphill task to convince consumers to get comfortable with an always-on camera in their house. Rumors have already shaken many people’s minds, with conspiracy theories claiming that Facebook listens to people’s conversation through their device’s microphones. The rumor grew to an extent which couldn’t be tolerated by the company and forced them into an official release last year, where Facebook denied any such conspiracy.

Along with the video chat gadget, Facebook is reportedly developing a standalone speaker, which will be in the low range of $100. A Facebook-built voice assistant service will be used in both the video and audio-only devices, a report suggested.

On the other hand, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has been working on the creation of an AI-powered assistant, which has the capabilities of controlling his own house. Moreover, Facebook has also adopted the integrated assistant technology in its Messenger service, to try to give more convenience to its users.

However, the company has not yet made an official announcement on directly challenging Amazon and Google on home-use hardwares. Both the gadgets will be made in Building 8 lab, which is Facebook’s experimental lab, and rumors are also circulating that the company is pondering over the idea of a modular smartphone.

The plans of making two new gadgets also indicate that Mark Zuckerberg has grown tired of losing the market of home-use hardware, as Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Google Home has been rising in popularity. Moreover, mobile giant, Apple is also set to release its HomePod speaker later this year. This comes as a further bad news for Zuckerberg if the timeframe of the Apple release proves to be around spring, as Facebook has also scheduled its F8 conference for the same time, and they fear to be beaten by Apple.