It had been over 20 years since we first installed the garage door on our house. While it still functioned okay for the most part, we noticed it was starting to show its age. The tracks had noticeable wear and rust spots had formed. A few of the rollers didn’t turn as smoothly as they used to. Opening and closing it had become a bit louder too. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

garage door replacement Hampton

Shopping Around for New Options

We started our search by getting quotes from a few local garage door companies. The first place we contacted was Garage Door Replacement in Hampton. Their technician came out to assess our current door and give us some options. Another company and a big box home improvement store also provided estimates. After comparing features and prices, we decided to go with the company from Hampton. Their price was reasonable and their customer service impressed us.

Choosing a New Door Style

When selecting a new garage door, there are a few important decisions to make. One is choosing a material – wood, steel or fiberglass. We went with an insulated steel door to match the look of our house. It would hold up better than wood over time and provide better insulation than our old door. We also picked out a new door color to match the siding. Finally, we selected a window option to let in natural light.

Installation Day Arrives

The day the door was to be installed arrived. The installation crew was on time and very professional. They made quick work of removing the old tracks and door. Our concrete was in good shape so no repairs were needed there. They then expertly installed the new tracks, rollers and springs. The door itself went up with ease thanks to their expertise. Within a few hours the job was complete!

Enjoying the Upgrade

We’ve really enjoyed our new garage door since it was installed. It operates so smoothly and quietly compared to the old one. The insulated door does a great job keeping the garage temperature more consistent too. And it sure looks a lot nicer! The color matches the house perfectly. Best of all, it gives us peace of mind knowing we have a high-quality, long-lasting door system now. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, be sure to consider Garage Door Replacement in Hampton for a quick quote.