Doing a good job of SEO is really important to ensure the success of your eBay ecommerce. That’s because these practices serve to help your site rank better in organic searches performed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, among other tools.

To learn how to improve your eBay SEO, eBay listings optimization and find out how it can impact your conversion rate, follow our tips that can help you.

Ways to Improve Your eBay SEO

  1. Pay attention to the speed of the product page

Having a fast loading product page is one of the most important points for improving SEO. The logic behind this point is really simple: if your page takes too long to load, your visitors are likely to give up accessing it.

These days, even mobile data packages provide us with a connection speed good enough to be able to access an eBay page in a few seconds. In fact, a survey shows that up to 40% of people abandon pages and websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load.

  1. Work with internal links

In order to improve eBay listings, working with internal links has a direct impact on your product’s page ranking in search tools. You may have already noticed how the largest marketplaces in the market, such as Amazon and eBay, always add value to each product page showing alternatives to it.

  1. Allow user ratings

The job of search tools is to deliver the best results to their users. And to get a better ranking, it’s important that your page offers content frequently. A product review box is a great way to turn your customers’ comments into content.

  1. Pay attention to usability

One of the main points to improve your product page’s SEO is to pay attention to its usability. That is, how easy and intuitive it is to navigate between your pages and sections for your visitors.