Samsung’s subsidiary group, Samsung SDS has introduced a corporate-standard artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant, which goes by the name of Brity. It is pursuing other companies in the manufacturing and finance sectors to work in collaboration with them, according to a release by the company this past Tuesday.

With the assistant having the ability to learn and process natural language in real-time, the AI software will allow customers to carry out their daily tasks in a much more easier and efficient manner.

According to the company, the Brity is powered by an interactive AI engine. The engine is capable of storing a lot of datasets on its own, and comprehend voice orders with joint sentences, which makes it more efficient.

The voice assistant arrives just months after the South Korean giant introduce their data-processing analytics software, Brightics, which was also equipped with AI. Brightics allows the clients to analyse their business and forecast their future plans in a more swift and organized manner.

Samsung SDS President, Hong Won-pyo revealed in a press release that the launch of Brightics and Brity has allowed the group to complete their three main AI pillars, in the sectors of analytics, visual and communication.

The launch of Brightics and Brity is seen as an indication that the company wants to increase its global worth, especially in the business-to-business AI sector.

Hong further revealed that they were unsure about the profitability of the new AI programme, but he resisted that Brity was built to increase the productivity of big businesses in a unique manner. He also said that both big and small business can use the AI platform to go across more business opportunities.

Clients can use text messages and voice interaction to communicate with Brity. As a result, the software can be installed on their devices, including smartphones, desktops or mobile messengers, which also includes the likes of KakaoTalk or Line.

The group further revealed that the Brity platform can perform better with precise and vague results than the Watson supercomputer of IBM.

Moreover, to increase its global market, the firm is looking to develop an English version of it, but have not particularly revealed a timeframe for such an upgrade.

The firm revealed that Brity is a business-level platform, and will not compete with Samsung Electronics’ voice assistance, Bixby.

Bixby has a target market of customers, as it focuses on business-to-customer sector of industry. On the other hand, Brity is developed to cater the business-to-business industries, which includes the likes of enterprise resource planning or domain administration.