Struggling to choose the best material for new garage door? Don’t know what to consider when buying a garage door? In this article, we have highlighted most common garage door materials that are widely being used by homeowners all across the globe. But before you make any final decision, you should consult with a garage door repair company Cornelius to discuss the particulars and know about the best choice matching your needs.

Garage Door Repair Cornelius, Gladstone

The following materials are considered good for garage doors:


If you want durability without spending much, steel is undoubtedly the best choice from all aspects. It’s not only durable and affordable, it’s also fully customizable. You can achieve any texture based on your requirements. It is also being used to mimic wood textures. It’s an ideal choice for both commercial and residential use. However, you need to go with steel that is at least of 24 gauge. The higher the gauge number the thinner the steel thickness. Since steel is an easily available and affordable material, it shouldn’t cost you expensive. The garage door Gladstone steel is available in raised panel, wainscot or long panel designs. They are usually made of hot dipped, galvanized steel that is double coated with baked-on polyester paint.


Aluminum is the second most popular material you can go with for your garage door. It’s the best choice for areas where rust is an issue. It’s lightweight and can mimic any other material texture, including wood. High quality aluminum doors are little expensive than steel doors.


If you want a more realistic look wood in a durable and less expensive material, fiberglass is the right material for you. It resists moisture, insects, and is less susceptible to warping.

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