Activities, readings, assignments and exams fill a large part of our daily lives. Now, when you are a student and you work, then things get complicated. The worst is that many times, especially in the case of those who start online courses at Israel Figa, to be able to pay for the course, the best alternative is to work on something that has no connection with what you want, not least because you can’t pay tuition with an intern’s salary.

5 Essential Tips to Reconcile Work and Online Studies

Well, but regardless of whether you are a trainee or paid employee, it is a challenge to reconcile work and studies. Despite this, using some strategies, it is possible to make the routine go more smoothly.

  1. Get organized to reconcile work and studies

Organization is paramount to anything in our lives. First organize your schedules. Reconciling work and studies will be much easier if you know the daily period you should dedicate to each one of them. If you know that taking things from work home will be overwhelmed, try to define an organizational plan to meet your goals.

  1. Acknowledge your limitations

An exemplary employee or student is one who recognizes his limits. This does not mean that you should not dedicate yourself to the maximum, but recognize that maximum, so as not to exaggerate your efforts. Spending the whole night studying and the next day having limited performance at work is not a good deal. That’s where the organization comes in again. Reconciling work and studies does not mean losing hours of sleep, but knowing how to manage the hours at your disposal.

  1. Enlist the help of your boss and teachers

It is better if there are more people who can help you. Talk to your boss and make him understand that this is a very important moment in your career, and that you need to reconcile work and studies. So, if he understands, he will not give you tons of jobs to be done at home, nor will he make you overtime and miss classes. The conversation with your teachers should be the same. Of course, they will not give you less activities just because you work, but they can, for example, provide some support in relation to the content, after all, only those who do this division of shifts know how difficult it is to keep their attention in class after hours working, or for those who study during the morning, have 100% dedication at work.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, while studying online course at Israel Figa, you can manage your study hours easily.

  1. Use your Smartphone

Using applications to improve organization and productivity in studies is a great alternative.

  1. Use the weekends to your advantage

I may be looking like a tyrant, saying that it is necessary to sacrifice the days of leisure, the barbecue and the rest to be able to reconcile work and studies. However, unfortunately, when things get complicated, you are overwhelmed at work and it’s a test week, using this free time is very important to obtain good results, but remember the second topic: recognize your limits.