Credit card numbers are a combination of ISO and IEC, which consists of two parts which are the system of numbering and application and the procedures of registrations. The credit card numbers consist of a prefix digit which is used as an identifier, six digits that are the main identification number, and lastly, seven digits that are your personal account numbers. 

Credit Card Numbers

An authentic credit card number is generated by using a specific number that is assigned as a prefix digit to different credit cards. For example, four are for visa credit cards, 5 for master cards, 35 for JCB cards, and 34 and 37 for American express. The credit card numbers generated from the credit cards generator are completely random and do not carry any value or importance in real life.

In this modern age, people find ways to fraud others with their filthy tactics. Credit card fraud has also become one of the ways which they use to take advantage of other people. Credit card owners become such people’s targets because of their unprotected behavior. But to overcome this issue, credit card generating softwares are introduced for ease and is available online to help people out. These credit card numbers, which are generated by such softwares, are then used for website testings and other valid and legal activities online.

Credit card generators are not used only for generating fake credit cards. It is totally dependent on the individual to decide how and when he wants to use this technology. On the other hand, credit card numbers are needed and then used in e-commerce websites to validate the source of payment. At the same time, these numbers are also used for other social and educational reasons like the Luhn algorithm.