Do you want to see all the facebook conversations and even see the photos, the audios and the videos that your friends are sharing between each other?

When someone wants to spy on the facebook account of a friend or his girlfriend, for example, it’s because he wants to know who that person talks to, research their messages and discover what it says on facebook.

There is a method of hacking a facebook account is the most comfortable and the safest and will allow users to stay calm and discover who is talking to that other person.

How to hack facebook account of another person with Android

The best option is to do it through Spyadvice app, downloadable from its official website ( that you will find in this article.

One of the advantages of this method is that we connect to the other phone in “ghost mode” without the other person can realize, we will be hiding our IP address.

It is easy to know how to install this hack application, we just have to have an Android smartphone and configure the settings to allow third-party applications, from other sources. Learn more hacking facebook at Spyadvice.

Although, it not only can be used from Android, it is also possible to hack the facebook account of another person if he is using an iPhone or a tablet.

How to spy facebook chats in ghost mode?

That the ghost mode is activated means that although we are seeing all the messages and conversations of facebook of the other person in real time, that person will not know at any time that we are spying on their facebook account.

It is the safest way to hack someone’s cell phone and enter their facebook chats without the other person knowing anything. Finally, click here for more hacking facebook.