Many people see the subject of espionage as a crime in which the privacy of some individual is violated; however, this can be justified in various ways. A key reason for spying on WhatsApp is the issue of safety in children, because being a public social network allows many people to access the profiles of the little ones.

While it is true, Whatsapp offers the possibility of having the public or private account, however, anyone can pass for another and capture the child’s attention in many ways, so parents rely on applications such as Phonespying to ensure for the safety of their children and prevent them from being victims of sexting or another type of harassment that can be carried on different social networks.

But it should not be done without previous authorization from other people since we will be violating their right to privacy, which is an illegal action and that can bring criminal consequences. Therefore, if you are looking for how to spy the Whatsapp on a cell phone, you must take care of legal issues too.

A little more about Phonespying

For all those who are in need of knowing how to hack WhatsApp on a cell phone, we have the explanation and the most appropriate solution. This is Phonespying, an application that is easy to use. Install and configure it on mobile devices and that allows to know the Whatsapp usage on a mobile device from the computer. This application is the most frequently used option by employers and parents when knowing the social activates of a person, as well as the need to spy on them during work or study hours.

It is possible with this application, to track and monitor Whatsapp on a mobile device, so we can monitor the social activates and daily know the Whatsapp messages. Download this app from