It’s that time of the year, with fall approaching, many games are about to flood in the market for gamers. There is a lot of anticipation for games surrounding Call of Duty, Super Mario Odyssey and Battlefront. But many have forgotten the releases of these five PS4, Xbox One and Switch games.

1. The Evil Within 2 – October 13 – PC, Xbox One, PS4:
The sequel of Evil Within was announced during Bethesda’s E3 presser, and we have not heard a lot about the title since then. Even though it is a major followup to a Shinji Mikami creation, one would get the idea that the flagship will get more buzz in the coming weeks until its launch. However, its CG trailer has confused us, and we have not seen a lot of gameplay to complete review the game. Is Bethesda unhappy with this game?

fire emblem warriors characters

2. Gran Turismo Sport – October 17 – PS4:
Gran Turismo Sport is supposed to be the big fall game of 2017 from Sony’s side, but not many know it. Ever since the game was released at PSX 2016, the whole project of the game has been overshadowed by silence about the game. Even though the development team of games at Polyphony Digital tends to be more silent about the game, but the strong competition from Forza might just force it to market the title more this time around.

However, we do have a basic overview of the models, VR supports and eSports aspiration, but that’s all. With the availability of sim racers, there are a lot of opportunities to show new cars and tracks. However, we have not seen that in the title. In the game’s case, we think Sony believes that the audience of the series will buy the game despite no buzz about it. In the past few years, Sony has influenced gamers by post-release word of mouth to sell its exclusive games too.

3. Fire Emblem Warriors – October 20 – Switch, 3DS:
The game is born from the amalgamation of two niche audiences, so one may expect to have the title lost in the shuffle. Even though there are loads of Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors fans in the market, Nintendo does not look keen to market this game to any of those two sectors.

During the latest Direct, few cool characters were revealed quickly, but the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 occupied most of the time of the remaining event. With the game launch getting closer and closer, one can expect it to be more discussed and talked about than it was. It will be released just a week before Super Mario Odyssey, which leaves it with no time to capture mindshare.

4. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – October 27 – PS4, Xbox One, PC:
Talking about Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II looks like it may have trouble in sales when the game is launched, with it being launched on the same day as the Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Origins. There has been a good push by Bethesda to promote this MachineGames effort, but with three games releasing on the same day, this game is expected to be forgotten.

However, the game might still be of a lot of importance to hardcore gamers, but that does not overrule the fact that The New Order of 2014 was more of a cult classic. Its successor looks to work on an established algorithm in almost every method, but at the launch, consumers might not be able to splash so much cash on all three games. There is not a lot of overlap of audiences in this case, but as we saw with the Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 in 2015, this might just not matter.

5. Need For Speed Payback – November 10 – PC, Xbox One, PS4:
Need for Speed is about to make a comeback, and we can bet that most of you forgot about it. The Fast And The Furious-inspired racing game has had a decent performance at the E3, but it did not come up a lot since then.

Even if you have a look on the Wikipedia page of the title, you’d notice the lack of information about the game, which would depict EA’s lack of willingness to promote the game. Maybe EA has opted to go all guns blazing with the Star Wars Battlefront 2, or maybe it predicts that the brandname of the title is enough to get it adequate revenue. Or the most likeliest idea is that the game might be average, and might not have a lot of marketing budget.