The list of games in the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed another big third-party boost this year, with the console now providing more variety of games to its users.

The FIFA 18 will launch on the Nintendo Switch alongside a different version for PS4, Xbox One and PC next month. This is a big boost for Nintendo Switch users, even though there will be different features of FIFA 18 in their console.

With that, there will not be the Journey mode on the Nintendo version, and the game will not use the same Frostbite engine which is used in the versions of PS4 and Xbox ONe.

However, there is still a major difference in the new FIFA 18 that will grace the Nintendo console, from the last game from the franchise to feature on the handheld device. The last game to feature on the Nintendo was on the Nintendo Wii U, with FIFA 13 being launched on the console. And like that FIFA 13, FIFA 18 will also run on 60fps on the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the game will also be enabled to run at 1080p docked, and 720p undocked.

A message from EA Sport read that the new and advancing technology on the Nintendo Switch will give the users an amazing experience.

The franchise further revealed that the game will be appearing on a full 1080p on TV and 720p on handheld devices, to deliver a good experience for football fans who play the game. There will be a better atmosphere for realistic enjoyments for fans, and has unique physicality of all characters in the game alongside better gameplay.

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The FIFA 13 was the last game of the franchise to be released on Nintendo console

Even though the 60fps was still available on the Wii U back when FIFA 13 was released, the console did not provide 1080p graphics for the games.

Moreover, there are many other advantages to FIFA 18 being on Nintendo Switch, which might make it one of the best portable version of the game ever built.

However, the version on Nintendo Switch will not feature the same characteristics as the versions on PS4 and Xbox One, the game has few characteristics of its own.

Users on Nintendo Switch can enjoy the separate Joy-Con controllers, alongside multiplayer game modes with other friends. It is portable and can be picked up and played on the move.

Some other characteristics also include the options of Local Seasons, which allows the user to play with a friend, and a 5-match season, to keep note of their win/loss records.

It is also notable that if the Local Seasons are played across two Nintendo Switch consoles, they can allow up to 4 players to play the game.

Moreover, this will be the first ever game released on Nintendo console which will include the FIFA Ultimate Team, which will make it another big factor in its success.

The FIFA 18 will be released across Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 29th of September.