If one really wishes to buy an Android smartphone, one does not really need to go ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy line of models. The company’s “Note” models in particular, have been well-respected for their elegant appearance and top features and specifications. Even though the Note 7 did not turn out too well for Samsung, they took ownership of the problem, and have successfully managed to move on.

It was expected by many, that the new Galaxy Note 8, will be very popular. And as its release date nears, its pre-order sales are already breaking huge records. According to the Seoul-based firm, the Note 8 pre-order sales have gained more revenue than any Note smartphone brought before.

This has been an incredible comeback by Samsung, who suffered a very bad blow to their reputation with the Note 7 model. They have countered their critics and have learnt from their mistakes to bring about a Note 8 phone, that is expected to break all records. Even though it is started at a heavy price of $930, the pre-orders in US of Note 8 have exceeded the pre-order sales of all Note models.

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The exploding batteries of the Galaxy Note 7 forced Samsung to halt the sale of the model

There had been a big battery problem in the Galaxy Note 7, which resulted in batteries exploding. As a result, the Seoul-based company had to cease the sale of it and refund its purchasers, resulting in a lot of monetary and reputation losses. However, the Note 8 has turned out to be a big turn-around, as Samsung has worked hard to recover their lost pride.

Moreover, 1 million Note 7 devices had to be returned just one month after it went on sale can give you an idea of the phone’s early sales. However, Samsung users do not desire the same experience they had with the Note 7, as the company promises to do better.

In a statement, Samsung exec Tim Baxter revealed that the next level Note had a brilliant response from the customers. However, unlike the Microsoft Xbox One X, Samsung has not announced a particular figure of its pre-order sales of the new Galaxy Note 8.

The anticipated phone will be available for sale in retail stores starting from 15th September, which is ironically the same day that the Note 7 was officially recalled in the U.S.

However, putting the Note 7 debacle aside, the Note 8 presents to be a wonderful phone, with great features which includes a wireless charging pad. There might have been some promotions that led to the increase in the pre-orders, such as the bundling of the 360 camera, micro SD card or wireless charging pad. With not every Note phone offering such bonuses, it may have increased the pre-order sales. Albeit, it should be noted that this is also going to be the most expensive Galaxy Note ever, to even out the new features of the phone.